Combining the best technologies and practices in the field of quantitative and qualitative opinion research and knowledge about details, components and characteristics of Yemeni society, in order to obtain real data and credible results that provide comprehensive understanding of the Yemeni society as well as answers to raised questions at the appropriate time and place.   

Opinion field research

Opinion field research are based on direct (F2F) interviews method. They are carried out by trained field interviewers and researchers. Our researchers and field interviewers are carefully selected and they descend from local communities in all areas, where they are working in their own communities.

 in-depth interviews

PERCENT conducts in-depth interviews that are carried out according to highest standards by highly professional staff. They are well- trained to make long and analytical interviews and to submit prompt reports of the findings.

implements focus groups

The organization implements focus groups very professionally and according to standards adopted by international specialized organizations and institutes. The organization provides all required records for these groups. It has the ability to promptly submit summarized analysis in English.

share information & transparency 

PERCENT relies on a large database of information compiled over the years by its members and it is shared with partners to provide adequate level of transparency in regards to design of samples and access points.

Q&C Standers 

In all its activities, the organization applies standards for quality control and measurement. It works continuously to develop the control and follow-up tools for all phases of its activities.

Highest professional

PERCENT is also committed to apply the highest professional, ethical and academic standards in all its (quantitative and qualitative) research activities to ensure properness of the research, protection of respondents' identities and safety of researchers and field interviewers and supervisors.