Our experience dates back to 2006, which marked the early start of public opinion research being undertaken by private organizations in Yemen.


PERCENT had greatly contributed to that start, which is why PERCENT is a leading research organization. This experience gives us broader and deeper vision on a number of important topics and issues, and knowledge about the work environment, its characteristics and conditions.   


PERCENT team members have been working in the field of polling research since 2006. They have gained wide and valuable experience in managing non-profit organizations and, participated in the implementation of dozens of quantitative and qualitative research projects for dozens of international organizations from across the globe.


In a short time, PERCENT has implemented numerous polling and market research for local and international clients such as ICRC, NDI, PARC, UNICEF, HiiL (Hague Institute for the Internationalization of law), WVSA (World Value Survey Association), ORB, IIACSS (Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies), AWRAD, WALI, and Social Research & Development Corporation (SRDC) in Yemen.


It has also developed applications for data collection, which are able to record all processes, including the sample design, work areas (sample points), substitutions, random selections, photo gathering and the use of show cards.  Being a non-profit civil society organization, PERCENT invests its resources in the implementation of polling research, of which findings are made available to the public via the internet and other media for free.