Public-centered activities need to be accountable to a variety of stakeholders. Our clients need to know whether their programs achieved their goals – and if they didn’t, why they didn’t – and to accurately document program effectiveness via unbiased and transparent monitoring and evaluation (M&E). With the help of the feedback generated by our M&E work, our clients can shift their focus on how to achieve meaningful results and make informed, evidence-based decisions about current/future programs and resource allocations. PERCENT works with clients to identify program objectives, design M&E tools through employing quantitative & qualitative research methods, and collect and analyze information to determine whether goals are being met or not. Monitoring is a continuous process for PERCENT and that is why its spares much of its time and effort in order to achieve its results. As part of the designing M&E system, PERCENT Technical Team responsible for the development of a detailed implementation plan for M&E activities. The detailed implementation plan include the following:

  • Fieldwork activities plan for monitoring data collection, based on indicators presented and identified by the clients including administration of data collection, scheduling of data collection, by whom data will be collected and who will analyze and report to the clients.
  • Protocol of Data quality to verify the quality and accuracy of M&E data collected.
  • The implementation schedule, which Usually presented during the projects period, M&E tools that PERCENT working on and when PERCENT Technical Team administer the tool, collecting the data and reporting.