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26 July , 2018 

Half of Yemenis Have Solar Panels

For a Fifty-one percent of Yemenis access electricity either fully or mostly using solar panels, according to the findings of a study conducted by PERCENT in January 2018 on a national sample of 1,000 respondents in all Yemeni governorates. The reliance on solar panels as a source of energy has significantly increased since 2014, as the war exacerbated fuel and electricity shortages. 21% said they rely on traditional sources, including public electricity and generators.  

March , 2013  

Yemeni's expectations about the future in 2013 

Half (49.6%) of Yemenis were optimistic about the future of Yemen and expected in March 2013 that the next months of 2013 would be better than the previous months, compared to 30% of Yemenis who were cautious and unsure about the future. Another 12% think that the future would remain unchanged while 8% have shown negative expectations about the future, saying it would be worse than the status quo.

Oct-Nov , 2013  

Less than half of Yemenis know about federalism, majority don’t favor a federal system in Yemen

More than half of Yemenis haven’t heard about federalism, says a public opinion survey, conducted by PERCENT Corporation on a total sample of 1064 respondents in nine governorates. According to the survey, 56% of Yemenis, the majority of who are from northern governorates, haven’t heard about federalism or self-governed regions, compared to nearly 44.3% who said they have heard about federalism.