Third of Yemenis are quite satisfied with President’s performance during his first year in office

Aug 26, 2013Some 37 percent of Yemenis said they had been completely satisfied with the performance of Yemeni President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi since he was elected in February 2012 while 29 percent said they had been somewhat satisfied with the President’s performance for that period, and 25 percent who said they had been dissatisfied. The survey covered a group of government officials, and political, religious and tribal figures, who have been an important part of Yemen’s political scene in 2012. In the survey, implemented in March 2013, the participants were asked to say how satisfied they had been with the performance of each [selected] personality on a scale of four grades: Completely satisfied; somewhat satisfied; somewhat unsatisfied; completely unsatisfied) during the first year of the transition. Although the survey covered 19 governorates, no interviews were conducted in Sa’ada or in other Ansarollah-dominated areas in al-Jawf and Amran governorates since Houthi followers hindered researchers’ access to such areas to conduct interviews. According to the survey results, Prime Minister Mohammed Salim BaSindowa ranks second with 22.4 percent being completely satisfied, followed by Ahmad Ali Abdullah Saleh (Former Republican Guard Commander) with 20.3 percent and then Sheikh Abdulmajid al-Zindani (an Islamic cleric] with 19.8 percent. Ministers of defense, electricity and interior stood fourth, fifth and sixth, respectively.

President of the Republic
Some 66 percent of Yemenis had been completely satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the performance of Yemeni President Abdu Rabbo Mansour Hadi, compared to 25 percent who said they had been somewhat unsatisfied or completely unsatisfied. Nine percent said they didn’t know.

The results by governorate have shown that Hodeida tops the list with 87 percent had been completely satisfied or somewhat satisfied about the President’s performance, followed by Mahweet with nearly the same percentage, and then Abyan, to which the President belongs, with 85 percent. Shabwa showed the highest level of dissatisfaction about the President’s performance with 65 percent saying they had been dissatisfied, followed by Hadreamout with 58 percent. In Aden, half of the population had been unsatisfied about the President’s performance, and in Lahj, more than 57 percent said the President’s performance had been unsatisfactory. (For further information, see the annex of detail results).