The Development of Field Data Collection Skills and Focus Groups Management

November 22, 2013

PERCENT institution for polls held two training workshops, the first one was about the methods of field work and data collection through direct interviews with the respondents, while the second workshop was about the ways and methods of focus groups management.

Both of the workshops were held in collaboration with Arab World for Research and Development center AWRAD, in order to develop the skills of the field interviewers that belong to PERCENT institution and the crew members that are involved in field work. In addition to developing and training a team of specialist interviewers on the ways of focus groups organization and management. The first training workshop trained 20 interviewers and field supervisors, (half of them females), that belong to 9 different Yemeni provinces, and the second one trained 8 social interviewers and a few number of PERCENT institution staff. The training in both of the workshops was held by the Professor of Sociology Prof. Nader Said, the head of AWRAD center and a partner of the project.