HiiL and The Netherlands Embassy Discuss the Findings of the Justice Needs Survey

March 16, 2014

The Hague International Institute for the Internationalization of Law and the Netherlands Embassy organized a workshop in Sana’a last Wednesday to present and discuss the findings of a public opinion survey on justice needs and the level of satisfaction among Yemeni people.   The survey, that targeted 3,000 respondents, was carried out by the Hague International Institute for the Internationalization of Law in cooperation with the PERCENET Corporation for Polling Research. The workshop was attended by the Netherlands Ambassador to Yemen Jeroen Berhl as well as judges, lawyers and representatives of the Yemeni civil society organizations.

Addressing the audience, Mr. Berhlhas called on Yemeni judges to benefit from the findings of this survey, hinting it is the first study of its kind to be conducted in an Arab country. He, while highlighting the importance of conducting such a work according to the established research standards, added that this study "can help Yemen in its march towards strengthening the rule of law".  

 Additionally, Mr. Berhl pointed out that the findings of the survey as well as the inputs by judges and lawyers are very important for strengthening the judicial system and improving the services offered and raising the level of confidence among Yemeni people in the judicial system.   The ambassador indicated that the survey revealed that Yemeni people are badly in need for justice and further hinted that every adult individual in Yemen encountered some sort of justice need for multiple problems.  Likewise, women felt the same justice needs just like men.    The panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Sam Miller, the director of the Hague International Institute for the internationalization of law, who indicated that the objective of this project is to support the judicial system in Yemen and to help Yemeni people find treatments and solutions in order to raise the level and the sense of justice and fairness among all people in the country.   He also called on the judiciary people in Yemen to contribute and make use of the studies on the performance of the judicial system, stressing that the notes and inputs of the participants will be incorporated into the final report that will be produced and distributed by the end of next April.   PERCENT was responsible for administering the survey in three Yemeni provinces: Sana’a, Taiz and Aden.