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March 16, 2014  

HiiL and The Netherlands Embassy Discuss the Findings of the Justice Needs Survey

The Hague International Institute for the Internationalization of Law and the Netherlands Embassy organized a workshop in Sana’a last Wednesday to present and discuss the findings of a public opinion survey on justice needs and the level of satisfaction among Yemeni people.

November 17, 2013 

The participation of women in the social, economic, and political life A Study in favor of Arab Women’s Leadership Institute work

PERCENT for polling research has implemented a survey on women’s political, economic, and social participation in favor of Arab Women’s Leadership Institute, and the survey sample covered 1100 family in 9 provinces, also implemented within the project a group of focus groups, in which participated males and females of different categories, including house wives, working women, activists, civilians and university students.    

November 22, 2013  

The Development of Field Data Collection Skills and Focus Groups Management

PERCENT institution for polls held two training workshops, the first one was about the methods of field work and data collection through direct interviews with the respondents, while the second workshop was about the ways and methods of focus groups management.

March 16, 2014  

PERCENT Corporation for Polling Research has developed an electronic application for data collection

PERCENT Corporation for Polling Research has developed an electronic application for data collection and processing using tablets with Android and iPhone operating systems. The application allows the client to monitor the fieldwork online as well. The Corporation is working on developing the new edition of the application that would allow the client to use it in many countries and with different languages.

April 7,2013

Results of Public Opinion Survey Announced Soon

PERCENT Corporation has just completed fielding a public opinion survey which seeks to evaluate the performance of political and military figures and government officials over the last year. The survey targeted 1000 respondent in all Yemeni provinces.